Introducing Cross the Ages: Get Your Share in the 50,000 $CTA Pool


Raiser is proud to announce a new partnership with Cross the Ages (CTA), a universe where digital and physical realities intertwine. It’s a revolutionary force in the gaming landscape, blending a unique play-and-earn framework with real-world applications, driven by blockchain technology.

Now, earn $CTA tokens by completing tasks on Raiser. The Cross the Ages campaign, which uses lottery-style mechanics, is open to all participants on Raiser. However, your chances of winning increase with your level on Raiser.

About Cross the Ages

Launched in 2020, Cross the Ages has carved a niche for itself by merging various domains such as gaming, E-sports, and collectibles into a cohesive ecosystem. This platform offers immersive entertainment and integrates these activities with tangible benefits.

An exclusive reward opportunity

As part of our collaboration, we are introducing a thrilling quest campaign where Raiser users will get a chance to share the 50,000 CTA tokens. This campaign is a unique chance for you to engage deeply with the CTA content while reaping substantial rewards.

Eligibility and participation

This exclusive opportunity to earn free allocations of 50,000 CTA tokens pre-listing is open to all Raiser users. Participants need to engage with CTA content and complete specific tasks to qualify for this reward.

The chance of winning in the 50,000 CTA pool depends on your rank on Raiser: the higher the level, the bigger your probability of getting a winning lottery ticket.

How to participate

Getting your share in the 50,000 CTA token allocation is simple: 

  1. Go to
  2. Locate the Cross the Ages quest
  3. Complete a quiz challenge
  4. Engage with CTA socials

Here are the important timelines:

  • Users must complete the tasks before Tuesday 12 am UTC;
  • The raffle will be done the day of the Cross the Ages listing (Listing of $CTA happening Wednesday 8 am UTC);
  • The token distribution will happen the day following the listing.

Dive deeper into Cross the Ages

Cross the Ages is more than just a game; it’s a portal to a universe where your virtual achievements have real-world implications. By engaging with this platform, players contribute to broader initiatives, including sustainable energy projects, making each action within the game part of a larger, impactful narrative.

Take part in the CTA world that spans a series of seven books and associated games. The lineup includes a Trading Card Game (TCG) with over 400 cards and 400k+ downloads already, while an Action-RPG called Arise is under development.

Join the campaign now 

We invite everyone to the Cross the Ages universe and get a chance to take your share of the 50,000 CTA token allocation. Join us as we go into the new era where virtual gaming and the real world collide.

Start here:


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