The Playbux success: The world’s first Fair Community Offering on

123's Fair Community Offering (FCO) is changing how early crypto investments unite communities around projects they love. Raiser is the only launchpad where users are getting allocation by promoting and demonstrating knowledge about crypto projects.

The world’s first FCO went live in February 2024, supporting the Public Sale of Playbux ($PBUX), the largest Web3 entertainment platform in the world, backed by Binance Labs and VISA. The FCO stood out on social media and set a new standard for fair, equal, and rewarding ways for projects to connect with their community.

The Playbux FCO public sale raised nearly $150,000 worth of $PBUX tokens in just under 30 seconds.

Beyond the successful Public Sale, the FCO campaign led to significant growth across Playbux’s social media and user base. Since the announcement of the world’s first FCO, the Playbux community has skyrocketed: Playbux got 1,400% more users and a 225% increase in event interactions, totaling 14 million. The community also boomed with 23,000 Discord members and over 200,000 new Twitter followers. 

Merit-based allocation: A boost for Playbux community 

To secure the allocation, early investors had to complete interactive challenges on, such as educational quizzes, social media activities, and referrals. By completing challenges, the community earned their way up the leaderboard and got rewarded with a bigger allocation during the Public Sale.

This method achieved two essential goals to guarantee success. First, it ensured that investors were engaged, educated, and genuinely interested in Playbux upon the Public Sale launch. Second, it also cultivated a fertile ground for future growth by building a strong, engaged community around the project from day one.

Over the three weeks of the FCO, nearly 23,000 verified users completed the tasks to level up in the Raiser platform and maximize their Playbux allocation as early investors.

Why participate in's next FCO?

The success of the first Playbux FCO campaign is just the beginning of Raiser’s journey to change the landscape of crypto investment. 

In the future, is committed to selecting the best high-potential projects with solid foundations, improving the FCO model based on user feedback, and building on the success of the Playbux campaign to bring even more exciting opportunities to our community. 

Start your FCO journey

Whether you're a project looking to make a splash in the crypto space or an investor eager to discover the next big thing, offers a platform where opportunity and community converge. 

Stay tuned for our next FCO and our social media community on Twitter and Telegram. Together, we continue to redefine the boundaries of crypto investing, one FCO at a time.


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