Introducing MetalCore – A New Era of Gaming Awaits


Today, we are excited to unveil our groundbreaking partnership with MetalCore.

MetalCore is an open-world mech shooter. Developed by Studio369, MetalCore has already captured the imagination of gamers and industry experts alike, backed by a robust team of veterans from Activision, Lucasfilm, Midway, and Phosphor.

About MetalCore

MetalCore offers a free-to-play, massive PvP and PvE battle experience, set on the distant planet of Kerberos. 

Players take on roles as Barony leaders or mercenaries, crafting their destiny through strategic alliances, fierce combat, and deep immersion into a player-driven economy. Its 'scanning' system and dynamic missions leverage the latest in AI and blockchain technology, allowing players to convert in-game achievements into tangible Web3 assets.

With a $5 million funding round led by esteemed investors such as BITKRAFT Ventures and Delphi Digital, MetalCore's development is fueled by a vision to integrate blockchain into mainstream gaming, enhancing player engagement and ownership. 

Exclusive Opportunity for most active users

As part of our partnership, users are invited to an exclusive private beta, offering early access. Not only will participants gain firsthand experience with MetalCore, but they will also have the opportunity to claim a unique NFT, symbolizing their early involvement and contribution to the game's ecosystem.

How to Participate

Go to dashboard.

Eligibility and Access Details:

Early Access for Users Level 5 and Above: Users at Level 5 or higher on are eligible for early access. This includes access to a task in their dashboard which, upon completion, provides a beta access code for Metal Core and an NFT airdrop upon registration.

General Access for KYC-Verified Raiser Users:

After the 1 day exclusive period for higher-level users, access will open to all KYC-verified users on 

This will start on April 11th and operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Follow MetalCore on Social Media: Stay connected with the latest updates and community events.Complete the MetalCore Quiz: Demonstrate your knowledge of MetalCore and its universe to qualify for beta access.

Rewards and benefits

Successful participants will receive an EXCLUSIVE Beta Access Code for the Closed Beta 2, scheduled from April 9th to April 22nd. This not only places you among the first to experience MetalCore's expansive world but also paves the way for future exclusive rewards within the game and get a Free NFT.

Why MetalCore?

MetalCore stands at the forefront of gaming innovation, blending high-stakes gameplay with the strategic depth of a player-driven economy. It's a testament to the power of collaboration between seasoned industry veterans and the potential of blockchain to revolutionize game monetization and engagement. 

We are proud to partner with MetalCore and offer our community this unique journey into the future of gaming. Prepare to embark on an adventure that promises endless excitement, strategic depth, and the opportunity to forge your legacy in the MetalCore universe. 

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