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123 Fair Community Offering (FCO) Sales Mechanics: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to the world of's Fair Community Offering (FCO). Our unique approach is designed to balance the scales of fairness and chance, recognizing both dedication and the element of luck in the crypto universe. Our FCO is a testament to our belief in equitable opportunity, integrating an 80% Merit-Based allocation with a 20% Lottery system. 

Vision of Fairness and Luck

At, we value the hard work and commitment of our community. But we also acknowledge that sometimes, a stroke of luck can be just as pivotal. Our FCO model is crafted to mirror these life dynamics, providing a fair playing field for all, while also incorporating the excitement of chance. 

Our Fair Community Offering at features a unique Lottery segment, designed as a complement to the Merit-Based Sale. While long-time fans of the project can excel in the Merit-Based Sale, the Lottery is perfect for new users who've recently joined our community. It offers these newer members a chance to participate, even if they're still learning about the project launching on Raiser, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be involved and fostering inclusivity in our project's growth.

The Merit-Based Sale: The Heart of FCO


Experience Points (PTS) System: This innovative system forms the foundation of our Merit-Based Sale. Users earn Points by actively participating in various tasks related to the project, including engaging with content on social platforms and undertaking project-centric quizzes.

Allocation Based on Points: The Points system is designed to reward the most dedicated and informed community members. The more Points you accumulate, the higher your ranking, and the better your chances of securing a larger allocation in the Merit-Based Sale.

The Lottery Sale: Adding an Element of Surprise


Initial Lottery Ticket: Each user is automatically granted 1 lottery ticket, providing every user with an equal chance to participate in this segment of the FCO.

Winning Tickets: If selected, these grant the holder a specific allocation in the FCO.

Losing Tickets: Not selected in the draw, but their holders remain valued community members encouraged to engage in future opportunities.

The Subscription Period and Task Categories

For a period of three weeks leading up to the sale, users will be engaged in a Subscription Period, during which they can accumulate limited lottery tickets and increase their Points (PTS). This period is crucial for users to boost their chances in both the Merit-Based and Lottery sales.

Task Categories:

Quizzes: Engage in the project-specific and general crypto quizzes to earn Points and lottery tickets.

Promotion: Earn points by promoting the project content across your social media channels.

Creation: Get creative! Produce original content related to the project to earn additional points.

Invite Friends: Expand our community by inviting friends to, thereby earning more points.

Leveling Up: The Points Influence

As you accumulate Points through various tasks, your level within the platform increases. This level is crucial as it directly influences the allocation you can secure in the FCO. The higher your level, the greater your potential allocation.

Conclusion's FCO model is a groundbreaking approach in the crypto space, offering an engaging and fair journey to all participants. Our combination of merit-based rewards and the thrill of lottery ensures a dynamic and inclusive environment. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey with Raiser, where every action counts towards your investment potential. Get ready to embark on an experience where knowledge, creativity, and a bit of luck can lead to rewarding opportunities in the world of crypto.


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