Introducing Raiser’s Lottery Ticket System

123's Fair Community Offering (FCO) embraces a unique system that perfectly blends dedication with a dash of luck. Our commitment to fair play is evident through an innovative structure that integrates an 80% Merit-Based allocation with a 20% Lottery system, demonstrating our belief in equal opportunities for all.

Overview of Key Features:

Purpose: We've introduced lottery tickets to level the playing field, allowing both new and seasoned community members equal access to early project allocations.

Earning Mechanism: By completing general crypto knowledge quizzes, participants can earn lottery tickets. This ensures that anyone with a foundational understanding of crypto has a shot at winning. Additionally, every KYC-verified user automatically receives one lottery ticket, further increasing participation chances.

Inclusivity: Our lottery system is designed for everyone. It targets users unfamiliar with Raiser or specific projects we launch, making it an inclusive feature of our platform.

KYC Verification: Completing KYC verification is a prerequisite for participants looking to secure their allocation via the lottery.

Lottery Sale Dynamics:

20% Project Allocation: A generous 20% of the total project sale allocation is reserved for lottery ticket holders, presenting a significant investment opportunity.

Exclusive Contribution Window: Lottery sale winners are granted an exclusive period to contribute before the merit-based allocation phase. Should there be unclaimed allocations, they will be redirected to enhance the merit-based sale pool.


Raiser's lottery ticket system is more than just a pathway to project allocations; it's a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and fairness in the crypto investment sphere. By offering an equal chance of participation to all, we're not only expanding access to valuable project allocations but also reinforcing the core values that Raiser stands for.


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